“My sun, my moon and all my stars” — these and other Kazakh words about love

Valentine’s Day season got everyone excited and really put me in the mood for writing more about love in the Kazakh language.

Artwork by @art_aika

Kazakh might not sound as romantic as French or poetic as English, but it conveys strong and deep meanings when it comes to talking about your loved ones. The meaning depends on the person you’re talking to and on the level of relationship you have. I’d like to explore some of the ways you, as a Kazakh speaker, could call someone you love.

There are also 4 different stages of love:

And if you want to express love to a Kazakh man or woman, make sure to know these 3 phrases:

And with that, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. No matter whether you’re spending it with a partner or not, I think as long as you have people whom you could call any of the words above, you should consider yourself a lucky person.

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